Samstag, 22. August 2015


Family and Friends. Moments i will never forget! Your Family and Friends are important, they're there for you in good and in bad times. They will always help you, no matter what happened. They will always love and support you, even if they say something different. No matter how big your fight was, they'll always care. No matter how far away you are, you will always be on their mind and heart. Even if you didn't speak to each other, they will do everything for you, just because they love you!

you've changed.

Many people have said to me 'you've changed' - 'you are not what you used to' - 'I do not even know you' - 'that does not fit to you,' and so on. Yes I have changed. Yes, I am no longer the old, sweet little mouse. Yes much does not fit to me. Yes you thought wrong all these years. But did you ever wonder why I've become so? No, you have not. You have only seen me as you wanted to see me. You tried to mold me, so that I meet your expectations. All the years I've let them to do to me. But now the time has come where I can finally be myself. Do what I want. You won't like it, I know. I notice you as you turn away from me, but I do not care. The time has come in which I will finally be happy. With or without you.